My Lymphatic Massage Review

I went and got my lymphatic massage done on Saturday. I filled out all the forms and then went in the room, where the therapist then asked me a series of questions.  For this treatment, I focused on the swelling of my arm pits and told him my story.  The massage itself is really a soft, gentle rub.  No pain at all.  Because he was focusing on the lymph nodes under my arms, he did my upper body.  It was kinda weird because he has to rub my chest.  Not my boobs, but the side of them.  I felt completely safe though.  It was creepy at all.  It’s just that it was weird because it was a man and he was rubbing around my chest, a man other than Babes.  And also, it was my first time, so I didn’t know really what to expect, even though I read up on it.  Until you do it, you don’t know.

I want to go for another treatment. This time I want to do my whole body.  To detoxify, help with my cold (sinus).

The cost… it cost me $101. It’s normally $96 but there is a 5$ fee the first time.

Would I go there again? Yes, but I found out that where I normally go for my massages, there is someone there that specialized in them too.  And its $10 cheaper, so I want to go and try it there (my normal place) first before going again to the new place.  And plus, I will be able to compare.

All in All, I’m still uncertain about it. I still have swelling but then again, it takes more than one treatment to eliminate the swelling.

I am looking to book another treatment for the end of the week or next week. I will definitely keep you all posted on my lymphatic drainage journey.

Lymphatic Massage

This weekend I will be trying for the first time a Lymphatic Massage. I can’t wait and yet I am a little nervous at the same time.  I kinda know what to expect because I have done some research on it, but until you try you its still a “mystery”.

It’s a massage, they gently rub/lightly touch your lymph nodes. (I posted a link at the bottom where you can read up on it)  When you google it you get this “Lymphatic massage, also called lymphatic drainage or manual lymph drainage, is a technique developed in Germany for treatment of lymphedema, an accumulation of fluid….”

It’s a good way to detoxify your body. For me the reason, I am trying it is because, well there are all kinds of reasons, so here goes;

  • My arm pits are a little swollen, we think it might be my milk ducts that are clogged, so for this, they can gently massages the lymph nodes in my arm pits.
  • I’m always sick lately, and they say it can boost your immune system
  • Angioedema, I have had this since I gave birth (2 years ago), I wrote about it before, it’s random swelling of the face and hands, aka, pain in the butt… and this massage also benefits the auto-immune system (I’m praying it does)
  • I feel like I am always stressed, they say it’s good for relaxation
  • Cellulite, I have a little bit on my thighs, a little not a lot.

So basically I want the deluxe package. I need it all done.

My appointment is for tomorrow morning. I really can’t wait. I want to go now.

Oh and if you get one done, they say to drink PLENTY of water. You might notice that I am using “they say” a lot, this is what I have researched.  After tomorrow I will be able to actually comment on it.

Also, “they say” that some people feel the water leaving their body, or the water being drained from their body. I made a weird face when I read this, I thought, did they pee???  Lol. Every person will respond to the massage differently.   I’m so freakin curious about it.  I read a lot of sites, but here is one that I found a lot of info on.

Tomorrow can’t come fast enough!!!!!

You Might Think I Complain A Lot…

After thinking about it, and looking through my posts… man do I ever complain??!!??   But please let me explain.

I probably do complain a little out loud but I mostly keep it in. So I find writing it out lets me vent and makes me feel better.

That and plus my babes doesn’t listen when I talk to him most of the time… do men ever listen??? Joking… kinda.

Also I find there are times that I want to vent about, let’s say his family, I don’t want to vent to him about it, I mean it is his family, would I like it if he did that to me? But then again my family is perfect so technically he doesn’t have a reason to vent about them.  OK, now that’s a joke.  They aren’t perfect… but pretty darn close 🙂

I heard it tons before, if you are sad or angry at someone, write a note. They might never read it but just getting it out on paper (or in this case the web) you will feel better about it.

I have to say that it works for me. Give it a try.

The Ocean

I come from Nova Scotia, as you might already know, and we are surrounded by the ocean. I now live in Ottawa and there is no ocean close enough to just take a drive to for the day.

I miss the salty smell, the breeze, the sand, the sound of the waves. Heck I even miss the seagull’s sounds they make even though they poop everywhere.

I go back home to NS every year and every year coming back home to Ottawa is so hard. I tell people all the time, if ever you get a chance, go visit. Seafood, ocean, beaches, relaxation.

A traffic jam there is when you have to wait for cows to cross the roads. Or rush hour would be having to follow a school bus and having to stop at each stop.

Such a beautiful place live!!

Pokémon Go

Do people still play Pokémon Go?  The answer is YES.

I was on my way home the other day, on the bus, and someone was playing it.  Now I will admit that when it first came out, I did play.  But I stopped playing in October I think.  I probably played it too much and by that I mean, I was probably late quitting the game.

A lot of people stopped playing it a LONG time ago.  But I found it was fun, I just kept in on all the time.  It looked like I was walking insane amounts but I wasn’t.  I was in my office with it on, and it walked back and forth, so I hatched eggs really fast.

I really didn’t think anyone still played it.  You don’t hear about it anymore.  No one talks about it.

Its weird how trends work.  Its super popular in the beginning and then it phases out and then nothing….


If you just started reading my posts, you might be a little confused.  I often use “CP” and people are probably wondering, “what the heck is this lady talking about?”  CP stand for Cutie Pie, my daughter.  I have, on my main page “Acronyms” you can just click on there and you should be ok.

BF would normally mean best-friend to a normal person but for me, who was breastfeeding at the time I was writing some posts, BF means breastfeeding.



Can we talk about shaving for a bit?

I HATE shaving and to be honest, I really don’t remember the last time I shaved.  Must be YEARS.  Honest, I’m not joking.

Before you gross out and say eeeeewwwwww, she must have some hairy legs and armpits….I wax and I use an epilator, is that how you spell it?

I find since I have been doing that, my hair is finer, and I don’t have to do it as often, which is nice.  I also have light hair, so I can go a week or so and you can’t really see the hair.

But before waxing, I HATED shaving.  Actually name me one person who likes shaving?

Oh I lied, I do shave… my armpits, that the only place.  The rest is waxed or I use the epilator.  I hate hairy armpits.  I find that really gross.

I think they should invent something that works better than both (waxing and epilator)  Something that will last longer, oh and is pain free.

There is laser and electrolysis, but OUCH.  I have only tried both on my bikini line and armpit (electrolysis only) and holy bloody hell.  Yikes.  And I did like 10+ session of both and its supposed to prevent the hair from growing but I guess I didn’t go long enough. When I first met with them, they said x amount of sessions and I did them all, and more.  Also they said there is up-keep, or maintenance.  I did all that and I didn’t see any difference…. only hundreds and hundreds of dollars less in my account.  Actually probably thousands of dollars.  The laser was $150-$160 a session and I did over 10 of them.  As for the electrolysis, you had to buy minutes, and I really don’t remember how much I bought.  ALOT.

I also tried neet, and veet, or whatever they are called.

So all that money and I am not hairless.  No fair.  I guess if I was mega rich, I could afford all the up-keep.  and maybe after so many months, I would become hairless, but I am not mega rich, so I will have to continue on what I am doing. 😦


I love sleep.  I really really love sleep!!!  I miss sleep now.    CP sometimes wakes up in the night and she only wants me.  So I get up with her, no way does she want “papa”.  For the past month, she’s been sick, she was sick for a week, and since then its coughing.  But the coughing is mostly at night.  She will wake up coughing and there are times where she coughs until she throws up.  Its so sad.   I give her warm water with honey, which helps, but its so sad to see her like that.

Last night, she went to be around 8, normally its between 7 and 7:30, so last night was a little later.  She woke up around 10:30-11 coughing, but it wasn’t too bad, just a cough here and there, but at 12 it got real bad.  She started crying so I got up and tried to give her some water and honey, I also gave her some homeopathic medicine for her cough.   We were up until 2.  I tried to put her to bed with me.  I made Babes go sleep in the other bed and brought her in our room.  But she  wiggled and wiggled, and just wanted to chat.  So at 2, she had practically stopped coughing and put her in her bed.  She fell asleep right away.  thank you lord!!!

So last night I only got 3 hours sleep I think.  I’m so pooped!!!

I miss sleeping in, and taking naps anytime.  No more sleeping in, but I do get to take naps when she does.

I try to go to sleep early, sometimes at 8, but mostly at 9.  You’re probably thinking, whoa that’s early. But keep in mind, I wake up at 5:15, I’m at work at 6:40.

Right about now I could sneak under my desk and take a nap.  I have a blanket so I would be all set.   Just to let you know, I would never do that.  I know some people can get away with taking naps anywhere.  I am way too paranoid to do that, and I know that if I would I would get caught, so that’s why I would never.  wayyyy too paranoid.


So much rain lately.  Today is a nice and sunny day, but for the past 3 weeks, we have had so much rain.  So much that we have tons of flooding.  Lots of house have been lost.

It hasn’t rain in the last 3 days and the water level had dropped by 2 inches (last night).  But its giving rain all weekend and on Monday.

We have been very fortunate and we live up hill and we don’t have any problems.  I feel so bad for the people who are flooded.  I heard that most of them do not have insurance that will cover it either.  I guess that when they were building and called for insurance that because they were building or buying, whatever, so close to a river/water, that the insurance would not cover them.  So now I’m thinking, poor them, no insurance, and then I have a friend saying, “hey it was there decision to live there, they were informed that flooding was not covered”.  I see their side of things, but I still feel bad.  I AM human.

Bras… continued

Remember a couple of posts ago, I posted how I went to buy some bras.  Well I have worn a couple, maybe 3 of them, and one, which fit me perfectly at the store, now only covers half my boob.  What the heck?  so pissed.  Yesterday I was gardening and I was moving around of course and then I could feel my boob out of my bra.  argh!

I’m thinking I might go and read or call and inquire about their return policies.  I can’t wear it.

but then if you think a little more… before my CP I was a B cup, and then after I was a D… and now I am a C.  So if they shrink more, I will be fine but if not, this bra will go to waste.

What should I do?