Acronyms – The Clever Re-Organisation to Nudge Your Memory

Not in alphabetic order (sorry, that means you gotta look through them all)

CP – Cutie Pie – My gorgerous daughter

Cranky Pants- Daughter

Super Girl – Daugher

Bam-Bam – Daughter

Hubbs – My fiance, we’ve been together for almost 12 years, living together for 9 so ya, i call him my husband.

Babes – Fiance

Hubby – Fiance

Asshole – Fiance, on a day where he is pissing me off and being an ass

Charlie – My beautiful huge dog

Mr. C – Dog

Charlie Brown – Dog

Charlie Bear – Dog

CD – Cloth Diapers

EI – Employment Insurance

BF – Breastfeeding

PVR – Personal Video Recorder