I LOVED it!  It was sooo much fun.  Frustrating but tons of fun.

Normally when  I do something… anything, my mind wanders and I think of what to make for supper, what to do tomorrow, what I have to bring here, etc.  But during the pottery class, I’m totally focused.  I can’t think of anything else or my “masterpiece” will be ruined.  Its so hard though, you think, “oh, I’ve seen Ghost, this will be nothing”  (HA HA HA) but no… not at all what I was expecting.  But I love it.  Our teacher goes around and looks at our techniques and he looks at me and says, “ok, I don’t know where you got your techniques, but they seem to be working for you”.  Not at all what he showed us.

As I was leaving, I was walking with this lady that’s in the course and she told me that I was very talented, and that she thinks my pieces are the best of the class.  Um, thank you!   Loved to hear that, it just stroked my ego a bit more.

Pictures are to follow soon…


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