Endometiosis & Infertility

I really don’t remember if I have written about this.  I quickly skimmed through my posts and didn’t see anything, but I’m sure I have …but anyways here goes.

Me and Babes tried to conceive naturally for a year before we started going to the fertility clinic.  In total I think we did 8 IUI’s (Intrauterine Insemination) in total.  On the 4th try we were successful and got pregnant and at 10 and a half week we lost the baby.  and on the 8th one, we got pregnant again and we had our beautiful little CP.

During our time at the clinic, we had a lot of tests done.  They were trying to figure out why exactly I wasn’t getting pregnant.  They couldn’t find anything really.  But the doc asked if I would be ok in doing a laparoscopy, and I said yes.  While they did that, the doc then saw that I had endometriosis, so while he was “in there”, he cleaned out what he could.  He told me I was a stage 3, and he hoped that by doing this, it would help me conceive.  And well it helped.  which is good, but he also told me that while I was pregnant the endometriosis would go dormant but as soon as I gave birth, it would come back.

I went to see a doctor last week and we believe that its back, I have all the symptoms.  She is sending me for a special ultra sound, she said this exam will detect endometriotic cysts on my ovaries and depending on the severity of it, she might have to do another laparoscopy.  I have a feeling that it is that, and I would like to talk her into doing the laparoscopy anyways, even if the test doesn’t detect much.

I’m 41, some people might say that’s old, but its not really.  Today people are getting pregnant later in life.  If there is a slight chance that I could possibly get pregnant again, then lets do everything we can.  If she opens me up and sees that its beyond repairable, then fine.  Take out whatever is necessary, I would feel better knowing that we did what we could.  The pain that comes with every time I ovulate, is beyond.  I don’t only have pain but I also feel sick to my stomach.  Then I have pain each time me and babes are “intimate”, then when my period comes.   So I’m in pain for 3-4 days during ovulation, another 3-5 days for my period, that 9 days, sometimes more, and then you add every time we are “intimate”..  And by pain, I mean, I am rolled in a ball, I can’t even get up, major migraines, its unbearable at times.  I also miss work because of it.

It does run in families, my mother had it.  She had us when she was young, but at the age of 30-31, she had to have a hysterectomy because it was so bad.

I would prefer not to have a hysterectomy but at this point, I’m so over being in pain all the time.  I would opt for one, ONLY if I’m at stage 4, which is the last stage, and which also means that its too late.  (from what I hear)

The doctor sent me home with homework, she said that depending on what the exam detects, she suggest I look into the Mirena or the medication Visanne.  Both are a form of birth control, she said that this will help treat the endometriosis.  As you can see, I am 99% against taking birth control, why take BC is there is a chance I can get pregnant again???  But I did read up on both and IF I HAD TO…, here are my thoughts.  Mirena – I have heard so many bad stories about the Mirena that, I am crossing that one off the list…period.  Visanne is a pill you take daily, and its newer so it looks like a better option, but again, I really don’t’ want to take either.  But if it will help with the pain and she absolutely does not want to do a laparoscopy, then what that’s that.  I would have to choose Visanne. (which would kill me inside).

and just to finish off, in case you didn’t get it…


Thanks for reading



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