Back to Reality

I’m so behind…. I got back home Aug 30 and I am just writing now.

We had an awesome time.  I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, there is never enough time.  I was there for 12 days and I didn’t get to see or do a lot of things that I wanted to do.

I did manage to spend lots of time with my family and we went to the cottage.  So peaceful there.  You can just feel all the stress leave your body.  CP had a blast too.  She loved it at the beach playing in the sand and making castles.  Was a big fan or the water, well it wasn’t the water, it was the tide.  She was a little scared of the water coming in and out.  But at the cottage she was fine in the lake.

She had a lot of play dates too.

Everyday my mom and dad (but mostly dad) would take her for walks outside.  They would go in the garden and she loved picking vegetables, LOVES cucumber and peas.  They would also go in back of my aunts house and pick blueberries.  It was so cute watching them.

The plane ride was ok going there, but coming back was a different story, see it was her nap time and I thought (silly me) that she would nap on me…BUT NO!  She had her own seat so that was nice, but she didn’t want anything at all to do with a nap.  When we finally landed,  Hallelujah!!!

All in all, we had a blast.  I soooo miss my hometown.


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