I believe I wrote about McFlurries at McDonalds before, but now I want to talk about McDonalds in general.

I USED to like going to McD’s, their fries are so delicious and their Big Macs, well… yummy!

Early this year, they were making the news about how they now have tree nuts, so they can no longer guarantee that there are no traces of nuts in the food. Before I guess, they used to hand a sealed bag with nuts or peanuts, but not anymore.

So now I can’t go. And I read and heard that A LOT of people were upset with them because it was a go-to place when people are in a hurry.  It’s easy to just drive in the drive thru and grab something quick.  A lot of families with family members allergic to either peanuts or tree nuts no longer have that option.

I don’t know why they decided to proceed with having tree nuts on their menu.   I now to go Wendy’s, a baconator is my new favorite.

Not too impressed with McD’s. First they stop making smarties McFlurry and now they have tree nuts.

Do you know how hard it is for someone with allergies to tree nuts, to find a good place to eat? A lot of restaurants are good and they will prepare and cook your meal where there are no tree nuts around. But it’s getting more and harder to find places.  Now a days tree nuts are in everything.

For example, I can’t go to starbucks and grab a muffin, because they have other products with nuts. Nut free bakeries are extremely rare.  I have to make my own cakes and muffins.  But sometimes you are in a rush and it would be sooo freakin’ amazing if I could just stop in and get a little something to eat, like a muffin.

I should also mention that I am not just a little allergic to tree nuts, but anaphylactic. I can die if I were to ingest a tree nut.  Do you know how scary it is when you start to feel your throat close up?  And you try and stay calm because you are having a hard time breathing, but let’s face it, how the heck do you remain calm when you can’t breathe???

It’s extremely scary!!!


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