The Ocean

Have you ever sat there and thought about the ocean? How big is it?  And now think of all the ships that have sank.  Now think of all the treasures that still lie at the bottom of the ocean.

They say only a small portion of the sunken ships have been found. A very small portion.  So think of all the ones that have no yet been found.  And probably never will.

I would LOVE to learn how to scuba dive, but I’m claustrophobic and wouldn’t be able to dive very deep. I’m ok snorkeling, don’t have any problems doing that but the thought of being deep under the ocean and very dark, I can almost guarantee that I would start to panic.

Also I’m a little scardy cat, so if a fish would pop up in front of me, I know I would freak out, even though I am not afraid of the fish. I think I would keep thinking, “what if a shark comes by to attack me”, and so a little dust would pass me and I would freak.

But I really want to try it, next time I’m down south I will give it a go. I did go swimming with the sharks once but they were the type of sharks that don’t go after humans, and I forget what they are called.

It’s one to go on my bucket list.




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