Amanda Bynes

Can we talk about Amanda Bynes?

Am I the only person left on this earth that still likes her and wants her to make a comeback???

I love that girl and I loved her acting. She was hilarious.

Now, I understand she is or was having a hard time. We only hear what the gossip magazines write, she is/was on drugs, metal problems and broke… the list probably goes on.

Now from what I saw (and read), she seemed to have gone downhill “a bit”. She was wearing wigs, and really cheap looking ones.  I’m sure she can afford a nice, real looking wig.  She was also taking pictures of herself in her bra, and in the picture there were drugs or pipes or I don’t know what it was, in the picture.  We see these pictures and it’s easy to point the finger and say “oh she needs help” but in reality we were not there, was the picture photo shopped?  (I’m pro Amanda and hoping that they are)

She also went to court a few times for different reasons, and again, from looking at the pictures and reading the articles, I have to admit that she did seem off. It wasn’t the Amada Bynes that we watched growing up. The sweet, innocent Amanda.

So what happened? Why did she all of a sudden go “Britney”?  Did I miss something?  I can’t always be on top of the gossip “news”, so maybe I missed an article(s) explaining what happened.

Amanda, if you are reading this, please, please, please, get the help you need (if you do need help). You are an incredible woman. You’ve got this.  I miss watching you on the “big” screen!!  You’re way too talented to let it all go to waste.


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