Lymphatic Massage

This weekend I will be trying for the first time a Lymphatic Massage. I can’t wait and yet I am a little nervous at the same time.  I kinda know what to expect because I have done some research on it, but until you try you its still a “mystery”.

It’s a massage, they gently rub/lightly touch your lymph nodes. (I posted a link at the bottom where you can read up on it)  When you google it you get this “Lymphatic massage, also called lymphatic drainage or manual lymph drainage, is a technique developed in Germany for treatment of lymphedema, an accumulation of fluid….”

It’s a good way to detoxify your body. For me the reason, I am trying it is because, well there are all kinds of reasons, so here goes;

  • My arm pits are a little swollen, we think it might be my milk ducts that are clogged, so for this, they can gently massages the lymph nodes in my arm pits.
  • I’m always sick lately, and they say it can boost your immune system
  • Angioedema, I have had this since I gave birth (2 years ago), I wrote about it before, it’s random swelling of the face and hands, aka, pain in the butt… and this massage also benefits the auto-immune system (I’m praying it does)
  • I feel like I am always stressed, they say it’s good for relaxation
  • Cellulite, I have a little bit on my thighs, a little not a lot.

So basically I want the deluxe package. I need it all done.

My appointment is for tomorrow morning. I really can’t wait. I want to go now.

Oh and if you get one done, they say to drink PLENTY of water. You might notice that I am using “they say” a lot, this is what I have researched.  After tomorrow I will be able to actually comment on it.

Also, “they say” that some people feel the water leaving their body, or the water being drained from their body. I made a weird face when I read this, I thought, did they pee???  Lol. Every person will respond to the massage differently.   I’m so freakin curious about it.  I read a lot of sites, but here is one that I found a lot of info on.

Tomorrow can’t come fast enough!!!!!


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