Can we talk about shaving for a bit?

I HATE shaving and to be honest, I really don’t remember the last time I shaved.  Must be YEARS.  Honest, I’m not joking.

Before you gross out and say eeeeewwwwww, she must have some hairy legs and armpits….I wax and I use an epilator, is that how you spell it?

I find since I have been doing that, my hair is finer, and I don’t have to do it as often, which is nice.  I also have light hair, so I can go a week or so and you can’t really see the hair.

But before waxing, I HATED shaving.  Actually name me one person who likes shaving?

Oh I lied, I do shave… my armpits, that the only place.  The rest is waxed or I use the epilator.  I hate hairy armpits.  I find that really gross.

I think they should invent something that works better than both (waxing and epilator)  Something that will last longer, oh and is pain free.

There is laser and electrolysis, but OUCH.  I have only tried both on my bikini line and armpit (electrolysis only) and holy bloody hell.  Yikes.  And I did like 10+ session of both and its supposed to prevent the hair from growing but I guess I didn’t go long enough. When I first met with them, they said x amount of sessions and I did them all, and more.  Also they said there is up-keep, or maintenance.  I did all that and I didn’t see any difference…. only hundreds and hundreds of dollars less in my account.  Actually probably thousands of dollars.  The laser was $150-$160 a session and I did over 10 of them.  As for the electrolysis, you had to buy minutes, and I really don’t remember how much I bought.  ALOT.

I also tried neet, and veet, or whatever they are called.

So all that money and I am not hairless.  No fair.  I guess if I was mega rich, I could afford all the up-keep.  and maybe after so many months, I would become hairless, but I am not mega rich, so I will have to continue on what I am doing. 😦


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