Adult ADHD

So I’m almost 100% sure that’s what I have. If you look up all the “symptoms “. I have them all!  Check check check ✔️✔️✔️✔️

My mind is way to busy. I am always forgetting where I put things. Except for my CP. I don’t forget her. 

I’m sure there are people out there who have it way worst than me, but I think I need to get some sort of help. What kind of help?  I have no clue. I’m researching it right now. I made an apt to see my doctor, and she can only see me march 2. But I’m pretty sure I should go see a psychologist. 

Any one have experience with this?  Any tips?


Bad luck

For the last month and a half I have had so much bad luck. First I loose a set of keys, I call to get a replacement and it’s 600$. Then I loose my phone. I had to buy a new one but I had a protection plan so I only had to pay 226$. Then yesterday I worked on a doc all day and I was in a system where I thought the doc saved automatically…. nope. It doesn’t. 15 mins before I leave the program crashes. And I loose one whole days work. Sooooo not happy about that. Then this morning I’m waiting for the bus and I can’t find my bus pass and work pass. I had it at home. And I had it in the car. So I either forgot it in the car, but I am 99.9% sure I had placed it in my purse. I have looked 10 times and it’s not in there.  And my work pass and bus pass are in the same thingy. So today at noon I’m going to have to go and get a new pass. And I’ll have to get a new pass at work.  Soooooo unimpressed right now. 

I need any recommendations for turning my luck around. Any ideas?  I need this luck to turn around. I’m about to hibernate for the rest of the year.  

Starting off the day

I’m on the bus on my way to work. It’s 6:30. I’m usually at work for 7. This week it’s super busy at work. We have a 3 day workshop. Yesterday was a long day. I worked till 5:30 prepping for it. Now before I used to work crazy hours but lately, no over time is required from me, which is awesome.  But yesterday killed me. I only got home at 6:30 so I had 39 mins with my little CP, bath her and put her to bed.  For the next 3 days I’ll have to do at least 1.5 hours of OT each day.  

So today I’m running around at home to get ready, get my lunch and snacks, drink some chocolate milk and I’m running out the door. I start my car and realize that I don’t have my phone so I run back inside and yup there it is. I get to the park and ride and …. where’s my work pass?  And also in my work pass I have my buss pass…. not in my purse!!!!! Argh!  So I look and good thing I had change. But still when I get to work I’ll have to sign in and get a paper pass. And I work on a floor that I need a pass to get on. So I will have to call someone to come open the door for me. Argh!  And I’m one of the first people to get in so I might have to wait for someone. I’m just praying to god that this day goes better than this morning. 

Ok and on that note… I’m out. Stay tuned
Update I had found my pass that morning. Thank goodness.