It’s been a while

Taking a little break at work…

So it’s been a while and I apologize. I wish I could tell you guys that I won the lotto and for the last few weeks, I was frolicking on the beaches in Bora Bora… BUT nope. Nothing exciting at all happened. Just lazy, well that and I got hooked on another show. White Collar. Matt Bomer is in it, and well… holy crap. That man is a very good looking man. And he is gay, so yayyy for the gays and boooo for the straight ladies out there drooling over him. But that ok, we can still dream. Very handsome. His eyes…ahhhhhh…..

Other than that, nothing has happened. I wake up, go to work, come home, rush to make dinner, and then play with CP and put her to bed and then by that time I am pooped, I normally go to bed, not later than 9. I watch a couple of White Collar episodes and crash. Very exciting life I lead.

At work I am organizing a book sale for charity and that is consuming a lot of my time. So many books. I am member of this page on facebook where people give things away, so I posted that I was having a book sale for charity and holy crap. The amount of books that people are giving me is insane. I have sooo many at home. I bring in 30 ish books a day to work, and I still have a trunk load and my garage is full. Well not my garage. I have a table about 6 feet, maybe 8, I dunno. And the table is filled. I have boxes and boxes full of books.

Babes is getting mad at me, he says it’s taking up all the garage and also my time. I go pick up books after work and on weekends.   

Ok. Now to get some work done.