No TVon… hard to believe right?

I think I mentioned before that I am from Nova Scotia, and that I practically lived on the beach my teenage years.  Well back then we didnt use much sunscreen… baby oil.  Ya thats right.  BABY OIL!!!  Horrible, I know, I know.  I now hate myself for that.  But the past is the past.  And now I find that I have some sun damage, not much but some.  I can see it and I don’t like it.  And I was looking into what I can do to try and … fix (is that the right word??) my skin.  I knew that I didn’t want to go “under the knife”, and so I really want to do a chemical peel, because I hear that for a week or so after you look horrible, you skin …well peels off, so that was my last resort.   At the place I normally go for facials, they have these treatements called Phtogenesis and limelight facials.   I figured, I might as well give it a try.  AND I am so glad I did.  HOLY CRAP!!  The limelight helps shrink the pores and the photogenesis will make your sun spots come out more, like it will get really dark brown, and then it flakes off…kinda looks like coffee grinds.  I’m not kidding.  I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s weird.  And also there is no down time.  You get it done and your face might be a little red, it’ll look like you got a little sun, and by the next day, it’s normal.  Well other than the sun spots getting darker.  For me, within a week, the spots had flaked away.  And I noticed a HUGE change in my face…for the better of course.  I can say that I totally recommend the treatement.

As for the price… it cost $250.  and thats for one treatement.  Some people might only need a treatement and some people might need more.  There was a promotion and I got that.  I’m a sucker for promos.  I am afraid to say how much I paid, in case my husband reads this….  but I am TOTALLY happy with the results.

I went for my second one and again, a little flaking and then super clear skin.  I didn’t have horrible skin before, just some sun spots and Iwas starting with little wrinkles around my eyes.  Oh which it also helps with wrinkles….  I recommend this to anyone who has sun damage.  And of course, don’t get it done by just anyone…please no!  I went to Dermis Skin Care.. the website is  and I saw Lizzy. She’s really nice and honest.

and the treatments I had is this one below, and its on this page

Photo Genesis $250

This powerful no downtime treatment combines the Limelight IPL treatment with Laser Genesis in one session. This treatment is ideal for person’s suffering from rosacea and have facial redness. Laser genesis will be administered on the affected area to increase blood flow and draw out all the micro vessels to the surface of the skin followed by Limelight to coagulate those vessels. Includes Jane Iredale Mineral Application.

What happens when you combine Limelight® IPL therapy with Laser Genesis? You get great-looking skin, of course! If you suffer from rosacea or experience frequent facial redness, then Photo Genesis is an ideal solution for you. Laser Genesis improves the blood flow in the affected area, followed by intense pulsed light treatment with the Limelight® handpiece to coagulate the problematic blood vessels, causing them to collapse and disintegrate. This treatment also comes with a Jane Iredale mineral application.

At the clinic, they have a doctor and nurses who work there and they are all trained to do these treatments.  I can’t wait to go again….




It’s 3:58 a.m., and I’m up watching Criminal Minds…

I hate clowns!  Always have and probably always will.  Hate those creepy buggers.   It all stared when I was kid, my parents bought me a bed set of Ronald McDonald. Way back when, it wasn’t just Ronald McDonald, there was also the hambugler, the fry guys and grimace I think. My pillow case had Ronald on one side and the the gang on the other side. One night I was sleeping with Ronald’s face face up. That night I dreamt that Ronald was chasing me, trying to kill me. And since then, I hate clowns. 

And now, there are tons of sightings of clowns everywhere. Chasing people, it’s my dream, sorry nightmare coming true. 

The other night while I was driving to the hospital, all I could think of was …”if I see a fucking clown…”. I really don’t know what I would do. 

They have videos that shows freeky clowns chasing people. Questions… are they actually hurting people?  I know they are scaring the crap out of people but are they hurting them?  I mean I wouldn’t stick around to find out. And if I was to be chased I don’t know what I’d do. I know I have already said this but really!!  Hate those fuckers. And why are they doing this?  Stop it please. 

The Emergency 

Tying to watch Empire…but my kodi keeps freezing on me. 

I was tryin to sleep last night and all of a  sudden I could feel my throat starting to swell. Not good!!!

Took soon Benadryl and still nothing so off to the hospital I go. 

I was actually really impressed. I got there and went to triage and I told her what was happening, she looked at my throat and took me right away. Didn’t finish triage Just straight to see a doc. They put me on all kinds of machines and they were about to give me some epinephrine but it was finally started slowly go down. Finally. But then my lips started swelling. What the…??!!!???

So now my throat and lips are swelling. 

It’s not the first time this has happened. Last year a specialist did all kinds of tests and nothing.  They think it’s angiodema, an auto immune disease. 

But finally I was on to go. I’m still taking Benadryl which makes me super tired but I’m alive and that all that matters right? 

What a day!


Soooo much to be thankful for. For starters, my little cutie pie. Totally hit the jackpot with her. Of course, my family and friends. 

As you know my family is in Nova Scotia and babes family was actually visiting his family in New Brunswick so it was only us today. Me, babes, CP and Charlie.  We made a turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots and gravy. Deeeelicious!  If you’re wondering about the stuffing. I actually forgot to make some. Oops!  Thought of it as I was eating. 

Children and social media

What are your thoughts on children and postings pictures on social media?

I, personally, don’t have a problem with it. And so now you’re probably wondering “well why hasn’t she posted pictures of her BEAUTIFUL daughter?”  And here’s the answer…

Babes is strongly against it. No way does he want any pictures of our CP on the web. He believes that it should be the choice of each person wether they want to post pictures of themselves. 

And so here is my thinking… all kids will want a Facebook account or instagram…or whatever is “in” at the time. They will all want to post pictures of themselves. And it will be us, the parents/ guardians that will probably NOT want them to post all those pictures. 

I think one of the main reasons is that there are a lot of creeps/perverts out there and he is afraid some creep will find her pictures. But, wether she is 1 year old or 14, we unfortunately won’t be able to stop all the sick people out there from being “sick”. 

Yes I want to protect her from any harm but I can’t. It’s impossible. I can try my best to educate her. For example, not to talk to strangers, not to accept anything from strangers, not to get in cars with strangers… the list goes on. But I can’t keep her locked up in her room for the rest of her life. Even though I sometimes think of it. 
I wish I could protect her from all the evil in the world. And I hate that I can’t. 

Coughing, sneezing, watery eyes

Ya you guessed it, I have a cold.  It’s 12:40 a.m., and I can’t sleep. So I’m watching NCIS.  I like the new season. It has Jennifer Esposito in it, I like her. Did you know she was married to Bradley cooper? It also has Wilmer Valderrama. Not sure about him yet.  He played the Fez in That 70’s show. 

Me and Charlie are snuggling on the sofa, so that’s one good thing about being up this late… or early in the morning. Depending how you look at it.