Pokémon Go

Watching Supernatural. Jensen Ackles… yummmmmy!!

Pokémon Go… argh!  So I started playing here and there and then I started back at work. Ok at home it’s boring cause there aren’t many around. There are some pokestops but I’m not going to just go hang out at a kids park all the time. But going to work, holy crap, there are pokestops everywhere and also Pokémon. I’ve gone up from level 12 to 19 I think in no time.  Oh and by the way I take the bus so I’m not driving and playing Don’t worry about that. 

It makes the time go faster. And it’s amusing. And the amount of people playing is insane.  All ages too. A man sitting next to me could of been my father age, and he was playing. 

It’s addictive too. If you haven’t started… don’t. Lol 


Forgive and Forget

On break at work…Forgive and forget. I know I know… in order to move on you have to. BUT I can’t forget. I have tried and tried, but I can’t. It’s hard. I can forgive, ya sure. But forget… nope. It’s always, ok, not ALWAYS, in back of my mind and when I see that person, I remember. Why am I like this? What can I do to change this? Any recommendations? I mean I talk to them and I’m nice, but I just can’t seem to put that event or whatever it is, out of my mind.

I know it’s not healthy. But I think, a lot of people are like that, they just don’t admit it. Am I wrong? I think I’m going to try and research on tips on how or what I can do to change it.



MeditationI recently decided that I need to start meditating. I don’t need… sorry, I believe it’s necessary, in order to keep my sanity.

I get on the bus and my brain is non-stop. I over think everything, I replay event s in my head, how I could of responded better, what I did today, what I have to do tomorrow. When I get to bed I feel its worst. Yes I find the Essential Oils that I started using does help out a bit, but I still need more help with it. So I decided meditation might be helpful. So I downloaded all these apps. Last week or maybe 2 weeks ago, I downloaded:

· Calm

· Headspace

· Omvana

· Relax oriental

· Take a break

· Buddhify

· Mindbody

· Insignt timer
Have I started using them yet? Ok, well not yet. But I do plan on using them soon… I hope. By the time I get home, I have 2 hours with my little CP, and I have to feed her, change her, play with her, then I put her down for the night and then I still have to do whatever around the house… dishes, vacuum, pick-up things from the floor, laundry… the list really doesn’t end. Oh and every 3-4 days I have to wash her diapers, which just the washing takes 2.5 hours, and then I have to dry them. I would normally put them outside to dry but its late at night so I put them in the dryer, and it takes longer to dry than normal laundry. Then I need to shower, eat… it doesn’t end ever. So at night I am pooped, I would LOVE to go to bed early like 9, but some nights, it’s impossible.

So I think I really need to start meditating every night before going to bed. I’ll just tell Babes that if he comes to bed and I have my phone on and I am sleeping to turn it off, if I have my headphones on, to take them off. I don’t want to strangle myself while I sleep.

If anyone has any app recommendations, please let me know.

I have tried yoga and even while doing that I can’t shut off my brain and just concentrate on my breathing. I really need help. My poor brain…


Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer,

You suck!  I really really REALLY don’t like you. Where do you come from anyways?  Why and how did you come to be?  And can you just go back and never come back out?

You come into people lives and cause so much suffering.  You torture your victims. But not only them but their friends and family. You take a healthy person, and completely destroy that person. Strong people who used to be so caring, good hearted, good humoured, generous, amicable, I could go on and on. But you take that person and by the time you are done with them, they can’t walk, barely talk, they can’t even get up to go to the washroom, they need to wear diapers.    They feel embarrassed that their loved ones have to change them. Why do you always pick the most awesomeness people?  I hate you. I just want you to go far far away. To another planet. One way trip and no return. 

You take away our parent, sisters, brothers, best friends, aunts, uncles etc.  What do you get out of it?  

You’re horrible. Cruel! 

Android TV or box or whatever it is

I bought this android box, I think that’s what it’s called. It’s a “my gica “. And so far I have to say it’s pretty cool. You add Video add-ons and you can watch tv shows or movies. Plus most of the time you can watch movies that are still at the theatres. Mind you, sometimes the quality is not the greatest. When that happens I just wait a bit longer and try it out again. Like every few days or so. And it’s not illegal to do this. Because you are not downloading. You have the option to do so but then, well that would be illegal. 

I’m still learning about it. It’s a little confusing at times. But you know what, you can google what you want to do there you can find “how to’s”. So it’s pretty neat. I’ve watched soooooo many shows and movies. Oh and it’s free. It’s connected to your internet, so depending what internet package you have, you might want to watch your usage. 


Back at work

Still watching flip or flop.

So I am back at work. Started on Tuesday. Man, the first day was hard. Ok not too hard but it was so weird to be away from CP all day. It sucked. And when u get home I only have 2 hours with her until she goes to bed.  Hard to get used to that. 

Ok… So my first day… Oh god.  So I drive to a park and ride and take a bus from there.  And as I arrived at the bus stop to go back home. I noticed I do NOT have my purse. Crap!!!!  So I go back to my office. As I’m walking to my office I noticed that my sandal was walking weird. I was sinking into. Half way walking to the bus stop for the second time. My heal broke off. The sandals are kinda like , hmmm can’t think of what they call them, wedges maybe. I’ll post a pic. Anyways so the heel feel, so I pick it up. Cause I’m rushing to catch my bus.  So I’m now walking awkwardly to the stop. And I make it. But when I get to my stop, it drops me off on one side on the highway and I have to walk up to take the walkway to my car. By the time I get to my car my foot is sore. 

And to add to that….the bus route!  They are putting in a light train rail or whatever and so where the bus would normally take , the transit way (only for buses and cops or emergency vehicles maybe) and ya so the transit way is now closed for the buses while they work on the railway. So the buses now take the highway. Well its rush hour. Most of the time on the highway we are with the cars. There are some (little) spots that have a lame for just the buses. But they are very short. And so it’s really sucks cause it take forever to get home. And they will be working in the transit way until 2018. Let’s hope that they actually finish on time. 

So ya. That was my first day. 

Totally dropped the ball

Watching flip or flop, I love house flipping shows!!

Ok, yes I dropped the ball… The ball was sooooo far away…

I was originally planning on writing at once a day … Or two.  Then it went to 3 days…4….5….. And then months.  I really have to get my ass back on track. So I’m going to put a reminder for myself at least 15 mins a day. That shouldn’t be too hard right?  

Fingers crossed