Alive and kickin’

It’s been way too long and I have no excuse. But I’ll give you a few to try and make me feel better…

So I’m back from Nova Scotia, and my mother came back to Ottawa with me. Since we’ve been here we haven’t stopped much. Even though we don’t do much, we are always on the go. 

Every Saturday we’ve been doing the garag sales.  Man I love garage sales. Today we bought so much junk… I mean stuff. Toys, a bike trailer that I have been looking for one for ever. And I finally found one at a decent price. Ummm. What else. Books. Tons of books. Puzzles. It was sooo much fun. We only went to about 20 or so… Kiddin. 20 is a lot. Soooo fun!!!!  But I hate to say this but I’m glad summer is ending cause I’d have to file bankruptcy soon.