No TV 😪

So there is this place, called Frenchy’s. It’s a used clothing store. It used to be super cheap, you would go there and buy a wardrobe for 20$. Now it’s gotten expensive. BUT, you can still find some great items. It’s kinda like value village but instead of everything on hangers, there are in bins and you have to thru all the clothes in the bin. The coats and dresses are all hung up though. 

There is everything there. Books, toys, wedding dresses, sheets, frames, suitcases, you name it… Then have it. 

And there are some people who have mega luck and find real nice brand name items, purses, shoes… Whatever. I find a few things but never something to really brag about. My cousins Tammy and Isabelle, they always find tons of stuff.  I’m never that lucky. 

Everything I come home I always have to go and see. Maybe this time I will be lucky. 

Fingers crossed


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