Celine Dion

I have been told 1, 2, 3… Hundred times that I look like Celine Dion. 

I have been stopped so many times. People will come up to me and be like “has anyone ever told you, you look like Celine Dion?”  YES!!!  

Once I left the bar in a cab and the cabby would not let it go. It went something like this…

C (for cabby) – are you Celine Dion?

Me- no

C – yes you are. 

Me -no sorry, not her

C- yes you are. 

This went on for a few minutes back and forth. Finally…

C- ok you’re her sister then. 

Me- nope

Again, this went on a few minutes.  And finally …

Me- ok ok, yes I’m her sister. 


Me- yes . Yes you did

C- (starts asking me all kinds of questions)

Me- sorry but I can’t talk about that. It’s too personal. 

The rest of the ride he had a huge smile. He was allllll excited. He couldn’t believe it. 

This weekend I was at our reunion and my  cousins wife comes to me and asked if I would mind taking off my sunglasses and look towards where her friend is sitting. And so I do. A few of them were like (but in French) “YES, oh my god” I said Celine Dion?  They said yes. We all laughed. They were like I take it you have been told that before. 

So if any of you know Celine Dion, tell her if ever she needs a body double to give me a call. 


Sleep… Here I am!!  Find me soon please

As the title reads. I can’t sleep. 

I came to bed early tonight cause I was tired and 2 hours later I am still awake. 

My brain won’t shut off. 

I’m visiting my family in Nova Scotia and I am here until the 27th and I keep thinking of what I want to do and who I want to see before I go back to Ottawa and I’m stressing cause I know there is just no way I will be able to fit it all in. 

Miss CP takes 2 naps a day so i have limited time to do things, go places and see people. 

I could leave her with my parents but I feel bad. I don’t like to do that. I love my little babes, I always want to be with her. I feel like I might miss something if I leave her.  I know that sounds silly but it’s true. 

I actually left her with my mom and sister yesterday while we were at the cottage while I went to my cousins cottage next door… I missed her. AND she was sleeping. And plus my niece came to get me once she woke up. I feel guilty leaving her. 

Since I’m up… What else can I write about…. Hhmmmmmm


I’m in my child hood room and there is a TV but no cable 😪😪😪

Today we went to visit my great aunt. The one that has cancer. Not one, not two, but three types of cancer. 

It was pretty hard. I kept thinking, “I probably won’t see you again” and it took everything to hold back the tears.  She lost weight but still looks good. She was worried about her hair. It was funny, my grand mother was the same way. The hair must always be done. 

Because she can’t really sit up, she is always lying down, it’s so sad to see her like that. But she had a smile the whole time we were there.  I love her so much and I hate that this will be the last time I see her.  I just hope she doesn’t suffer too much. It might sound mean to say but I hope she goes fast. No suffering.  

Ok tears are filling my eyes. I’m so emotional since I had CP. never used to cry like this. 

Cottage Update 

Just wanted to update you all on my night Saturday…

So I think I mentioned how I went back to the cottage to put miss CP to bed and that everyone was going to come to our cottage to make a Bon-fire.  Well no one came. Thanks guys. Luckily I texted one of my cousins to say “if you’re bored come on over” and thank god she came over. 

To be honest, It didn’t bother me. I would of went to bed early that’s it. Mom and my sister, her hubby and my niece arrives at 11:15.  I hadn’t even noticed the time, me and my cousin talked all night.  THey were all apologizing to me, it was funny. I was like don’t worry, i had a blast talking to my cousin M. All is good.  They said that the plan WAS to come make a fire but then they got to talking and talking….and talking and then they looked at the time and were like “oh shit our fire!” Ha ha. 

I think we might actually go back this weekend but this time only me, miss CP and my mom. My sister and the fam are going to a park all day Saturday so they won’t be able to make it. 

Oh and if you’re wondering where my dad is. He doesn’t camp. It’s way to hot there for him. Plus he’d be sooo bored. He isn’t the type of person to just sit and relax. He needs things to do and you can’t do anything much cause of the heat.  It only cools off very late at night.  So he stays home.  It doesn’t bother him not coming. 

Boy to Girl 

Still at the cottage so no TV. 

My cousin has two kids. He had 2 boys. Last year, at the age of 10, one of his sons told his father he wanted to be a girl. Since then he is now a she. She has gone to (I believe) psychiatrists for the past 2-3 years. So it’s not something she decided last night.  

I hadn’t seen her since she became her new self. Today I saw her. She is BEAUTIFUL!  Gorgeous. Inside and out. 

She came to our cottage with my niece and I told her that I was proud to call her my cousin and that I was really happy for her. (I’m getting teary eyed just typing and thinking about it). I told her I had so much respect for her and that she is a strong and courageous person.  

She is so happy now. 

I’m so glad that our family has accepted her. We live in a small town and we don’t really see this happen, so when I heard about her. I was worried and scared for her. You never know how people will react or say. 

Today was nice to see nothing has changed. They treat her the same. Like she was born a girl. I’m so proud of my family.  And like I said in my last post. I LOVE my family!  


No tv on… Actually there is no TV here at all. 

I’m at our cottage. I LOVE our cottage. It’s so relaxing, quiet. Love the sound of the wind in the trees. Kids playing. Birds chirping. So peaceful. 

Today we had our annual reunion. I think there was roughly 100 of us.  I love how close our family is. We all get along, everyone is happy to each everyone. 

Miss CP had a blast. Went in the water, and played with all the kids. I loved watching her. Brings me so much joy. 

Now I’m at my parents cottage alone. Miss CP had to go to bed.  It’s a little too quiet. Every once in a while someone comes to check up on me.  And tonight we are making a bomb fire here. It’ll be nice to sit, relax, chat, laugh and to just be with family. 

I love my life!  I love Nova Scotia. I LOVE my family. 


No TV 😪

So there is this place, called Frenchy’s. It’s a used clothing store. It used to be super cheap, you would go there and buy a wardrobe for 20$. Now it’s gotten expensive. BUT, you can still find some great items. It’s kinda like value village but instead of everything on hangers, there are in bins and you have to thru all the clothes in the bin. The coats and dresses are all hung up though. 

There is everything there. Books, toys, wedding dresses, sheets, frames, suitcases, you name it… Then have it. 

And there are some people who have mega luck and find real nice brand name items, purses, shoes… Whatever. I find a few things but never something to really brag about. My cousins Tammy and Isabelle, they always find tons of stuff.  I’m never that lucky. 

Everything I come home I always have to go and see. Maybe this time I will be lucky. 

Fingers crossed

Nova Scotia

It’s 6:34 a.m., and I’m up. Can’t sleep anymore. 

I have this headache that just won’t go away, plus miss CP is still sleeping so it’s like. What the heck!  She’s sleeping and I’m awake. No fair. 

But anyways, Nova Scotia. This province has got to be one of the nicest province. The ocean, the smell of the ocean has to be the best drug out there.  Love the smell. I wish I could take it and put it in a bottle. And bring it home with me. 

And plus it’s so relaxing here. The stress level goes way down here. Love it. 

If I could I would move back here in a second.  I miss my family way too much. I wish I could be closer. I hate that there isn’t much work here. Well unless I want to be a fishermen. Which isn’t go to happen. I get sea sick most of the time.   Plus not to mention but it’s super hard work. And come to think of it, I don’t think there are any women fishermen here. I could become the first…. Nah!  I’ll pass. I like keeping my lunch down.  Lol

Well CP is up. 


Nova Scotia bound

It’s 5:26 a.m….. I should be sleeping. 

I can’t sleep. I’m leaving for my vacation soon, our flight leaves at 10 a.m., and I barely slept last night. My brain won’t shut off. Am I forgetting anything. Oh and I can’t forget this and this,and this and that. Argh!!!!! Shut off brain. I out my alarm for 6, just in case miss CP decides to sleep in, HA!  

Also I’m scared for the plane ride. Will she be ok, this is her 3rd time on a plane. First time she was 3.5 months and now she is 13.5 months. Please please please let her be ok and not cry toooo much. 

I just can’t wait to be “home” again. For 20 whole days. Yyyyyaaaaaaayyyyyy!  So excited to see my family and friends. I miss them way to much. 

Update- it’s 6:01 and I’m still tired. And I have that “I didn’t get much sleep” headache. Miss CP is awake talking to herself in her crib. I love watching her.