Ingrown Toenail 

Still watching supernatural. 

First of all.. OUCH!  Holy crap ouch. 

So I called and I got an appointment and went today. And he actually took part of my nail out. I didn’t feel a thing, except when he froze my toe. Now that hurt like a mother f….

Before you go, word of advice… Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go on YouTube and watch videos of ingrown toenail removal. Cause as he was doing it, I was picturing what he was doing. Cause obviously, I didn’t watch. So I’m picturing and then he is done I get up, probably a little too fast and whoa. I almost passed out. I sat down and there doc came over right away and took my pressure and it was way down. So I lied down for about 5-10 minutes and then I was fine. 

So I get home and it’s still frozen and as it is unfreezing. It starts to hurt. I have to keep my foot elevated but it’s hard with a 13 month old who wants to play and wants to be in my arms. 

So now it’s been 6 hours since and it hurts but it’s bandaged really good. I can’t take off the bandage until Friday. 

I can’t  go for walks or do much for the next couple of days.  He said to keep it elevated as much as I can, so we’ll see how that goes. 

Stay tuned. 


Bates Motel Part 2

Watching Supernatural. 

Ok Bates Motel!!!!  

If you are not caught up or are planning to some day watch it… Do not continue!!! Everyone else…please proceed…
Ok WTF!!!   What the ….  Seriously???!!!????

First of all Norma… Really?  Noooooo, I liked her. 

And Norman???  Is he dead?   Cause I know he sees things, but ??????

Is this the end of the series?  Will here be a season 5?  I’m so confused. 

Bates Motel

Guess what I’m watching…. Yup. That’s right.

This show is pretty good. The guys is super screwed up. Big time issues. Holy crap. But I really like this show. And yup you guess it. I’m addicted to it. Can’t stop watching it. I only get to watch it when my CP goes to bed. So I’ve been going to bed late and I’m so tired. But you watch one and then it ends and you’re like oh hell no… So you watch another one and another one….

Actually wait. It’s not just the one guy that’s messed up. A whole lot of people are messed up on this show.  And I can’t stop watching it. I’m already on the 4th season and so I’m almost caught up.

There are way too many shows out there that I keep getting addicted to.

I need help.

CP’s first trip to the Emergency

Still watching Expedition Unknown.

One morning, like at 6:45 a.m., I was getting CP’s breakfast ready and so I took my eyes off her for a few seconds and I look at her and I see that she has something in her mouth. Ok, I didn’t give her anything so I go and see and she has what looks like little beads in her mouth. And a packet that was paper. I grab her and bring her to the sink and I take out everything I can. And I am spraying water in her mouth to rinse out and take anything else that was left in there.

Ok so rewind to the night before , I found a box that had shoes in it, and inside was a packet, you know it’s to keep the moisture out, don’t know what it’s called. And so I take it and put it in the garbage. I didn’t look for another packet cause there normally is only one of those in there.

Well there was 2… And she found the second one and put it in her mouth. And I remember that it normally says not to eat. So I’m freaking out. But only internally dreaming out. I’m keeping my cool on the outside. I hurry and go change her, grab her diaper bag. And I head to the hospital. We go into triage right away and they take her vitals and everything seems ok. They call poison control and thank god, it’s not poisonous.   Thank you God!!!  I could breath again. I was so happy I cried.

We saw a doctor who said that she’s gonna be ok and she might just have weird looking poop for the next day or so.

But I think I got it all out when I rinsed her mouth cause I was checking her poop (ya I know… Gross) and there were no little beads in it.

What a scare!  Mini heart attack.

Father’s Day

Still watching Expedition Unknown.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and I’m horrible at gifts. I never know what to buy people. And Father’s Day is tomorrow and what have I bought babes… Nothing. I have no clue. What do I get him?  I wanted to do someone by hand, using CP’s hands and feet, paint….and that’s all I have. Any suggestions???  Please. This is an emergency.

These boots were made for walking…

Still watching Expedition Unknown.

My little CP is now a full blown walker. Walking everywhere.  It’s so cute watching her.

She took to it pretty fast. She was using her chairs and her elephant (it’s a walker) and she was always walking back and forth and then all of a sudden…. She didn’t need them to hold her up.

We bought her a pool, small inflatable one. And she loves it. The dog wants to go in with her but of course he can’t.  He would puncture a hole and then that would be end of that, ha ha.   Poor Charlie. I should of bought one for him too…hmmm that’s an idea.  There are some that are hard plastic that would work for him and he could just lay in it. Maybe that’s what I’ll do next week. My dog is spoiled…yes I know. We call him out first born. Cutie Charlie!!

My bad…

I’m watching expedition unknown.

I’m slacking big time. It’s been forever since I wrote. Sorry peeps. I have to try and commit time to write in here. Cause let’s face it. I know you are ALL waiting impatiently for me to write about my exciting adventures…  HA!   I wish I had some exciting adventures.

This week I actually had a visitor. My aunt came for a couple days, now she’s off to Edmonton, then driving through the mountains and ending up in Wells, BC. Then she is going back  to Edmonton, then back to Ottawa for a day staying with me and then she is gone back home to NS. It was nice spending time with her. I have 5 aunts on my moms side.  Oops. Had, one passed away a couple years ago. And all my aunts are awesome, but this aunt was the serious one. The others were crazy but in a good way of course.   Since she divorced and finally met he man of her dreams she has changed. She’s happy now. She laughs, smiles all the time. Not the same aunt at all. It’s nice seeing her like this. Recently her partner passed away of cancer, so sad. She had finally found the one. The perfect one. She was in love. Happy. Life is not fair sometimes. But she is a very strong woman, she is doing very good and like she says. She had 14 very good years with him, so she can’t complain.

So my visit with her was really nice. We talked a lot, it was nice. She talked about her partner and she told me stories about him. She lights up when she talks about him.

I’m just glad he went fast. Some cancer patients go years in pain and treatments. You never wants see your loved one like that. He was diagnosed in November and passed away in April.

I’m just glad my family is close and is always there for each other. I love my family!!!  LOVE them all.

Swiss Chalet drive-tru 

I’m in the car, waiting for our order. We’ve been here for 15 mins already. They have got to be the slowest drive-tru EVER!!!!  Wtf Swiss Chalet!!!  Get your act together!  I’m hungry. Mama needs food!!

A few months ago babes came here and was waiting for over an hour!!  An hour!!! Insane!  They didn’t even offer a discount or anything.

Texting and Driving

Watching the 100.

Warning coarse language!!!

I hate it when I see people texting and driving. Get off your fucken phone and pay attention to the god dam road!!!!

You hear of people dying all the time, and people continue to play with their phones. Why???

I have hands free in my car and I still find it hard. So I try not to use it. Unless someone is calling me. But I still have to see who’s calling and press the pick up button.

And when I have my CP with me I am especially careful. Pisses me off when I see people all over the road.

Stop it!!!!  Pay attention!!!!  If not for yourself but for everyone else.