CP’s Birthday Party

Totally forgot to write about my CP’s birthday. It was a week ago…oops.

It started out pretty good. I had made some pink cupcakes with purple frosting, very yummy. And babes family was here plus my uncle. She got a lot of gifts. We go to eat the cupcakes and sing happy birthday and she burnt herself in the candle. She’s really fast. And babes was the cupcake and she went to grab it and he managed to get that arm but she went after the candle with her other hand and she burnt herself. But as soon as I picks her up she stopped and I looked but couldn’t see anything.

And what surprised me the most, is that she didn’t even eat the cupcake. Oh and I was going to make sugarless cupcakes but I was so busy I didn’t have time to make a cake from scratch. So ya. She didn’t eat the cupcake. Instead she fed it to me and put some alllll over me. It was pretty cute.

Ok so now she’s playing with her cousin and I have no idea how she managed this but she went over a toy and fell and the tears Began. Poor baby!!!  She was getting tired at this point. And she got a little bump on her head, well not a bump but a red mark but it went away within 20 mins. And then she took her nap. And that was that.

We’re so lucky to have her. She has to be the cutest little girl out there. Gawd, I love her soooooo much.


Garden Update

Today we bought more seeds to plant in the garden. We bought squash and watermelon. I have tried in the past to grow watermelon but always failed.  I’m hoping this year is my lucky year. 

Garage Sale Update

CP is passed out cold on me. Love this part!!!

Today was the big garage sale in our area. And actually everywhere, all over town. And I didn’t go to one. I managed to control myself. I figured I didn’t really need anything so I didn’t go. Instead I went to Walmart and Toys r Us. CP needed a sleep sack, Walmart didn’t have any at all so I ended up going to Toys r Us. I love that store. It’s so much fun. I could spend hours in there. 

Garage Door oops

Putting my CP to bed…

So as I was trying to close our garage door, it’s electric or whatever, anyway, there was the compose bin blocking it. Now Normally the sensor would prevent the door from closing but the bin is smaller on the bottom and larger on top and the sensor is  Towards the bottom so when the door came down the top to the compose bin was preventing it from closing all the way and it kept on pushing down on the bin and then I heard a pop… Oops. But luckily it only damaged the top panel. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. But babes managed to fix it. We think. It opens and closes so that’s good. Right???  

Sleepy mommy

Still watching supernatural.

The last week has been super hot and humid. And we’ve been going for walks daily. It’s so hot out.

I usually walk around 5.4 kilometres. Today I had to actually stop and sit down in the shade and try and cool off a bit.

I’m constantly checking on the little misses to make sure she’s ok. Not too hot and make sure she has plenty of water.

By night time I’m completely beat and have been going to bed super early. And luckily my CP has been sleeping through the night.

And tomorrow we’re Saturday. And do you know what that means????  Garage sale day!!!!  And there are tons around here tomorrow. Woop woop!!

Garage Sales

Still watching Blindspot.  The girl in there is mega kick-ass!

I LOVE garage sales.  Like they say, “One’s persons junk is another person’s treasure”.  That saying is so true.  The things you can find…. Such awesome stuff.

This weekend though, I will be the one selling stuff.  Monday there is a HUGE block garage sale and a friend of mine invited me to sell stuff.  I can’t wait!!!  I thought, hmmm, do I have enough things to sell.  So I started looking and Holy Hannah!  I keep finding things.  I have soooo much stuff.  I have like 5-6 bins full…. AND tons of clothes.  I better make a killing at this garage sale.  I also have tons of baby clothes too.  Now I’m all excited and can’t wait for Monday.  And if you know me, you know that I am VERY inpatient.  This weekend is going to pass way too slow.  But actually maybe not, since I have tons of cleaning to do, in advance of the big party Sunday.   At least that will keep me busy, keep my mind off the garage sale.  But then, crap, just thought I have to price everything.  Crap! Crap Crap!!!  That’s going to take a while.  I guess, it will be a VERY busy weekend.  Wish me luck… Cha-ching!!

Go Fund Me

I’m watching Blindspot.

I’m all about donating and supporting people IN NEED.  But there are people who abuse it.  BIG TIME.  A few weeks ago, I saw this one lady created a “Go Fund Me” for herself to pay her light bill.  Ummmm, what?  She went on to say that she didn’t want to move because the house she lived in was the perfect size for her family but she has a big light bill and if she can’t pay it then she will be forced to leave.  Something like that.    No!  Pay your own dam bills woman.   She had started in 2 weeks ago (this was a few weeks ago) and only one person had donated to her “cause”.    I’m sorry but no.  No No No!

Then there are people who create some “Go Fund Me” accounts for their friends, who are in “need”.  But then I see that the friend in “need” is vacationing in Cuba, or Mexico or wherever.  Again…NO!  If you can afford to go down south, you do not need donations or whatever.  And then I saw this lady create one for her friend, and again, her friend goes and vacations down south.  Do they think people are stupid?  I went to see and there was barely nothing.

It really gets to me.  There are some people who really need some help, and then there are some people who go and do this.  So not nice.

May 22

You guessed it…still watching my CP sleeping

Sunday will be a BIG day.  My little CP is turning 1.  ONE!!!  I can’t believe it.  1 already.  Where the heck did the time go?

She is already more popular than me.  She’s has received all kinds of cards and gifts already.

We are inviting the family over for some lunch and cake.  Before Easter, I went and bought a ham, and because I spent over X amount of $$, i got a free ham.  SOOOO, Sunday I’m making a ham.  And cake of course.  But it will be sugarless cake.  This little girl has already too much energy, I can’t imagine giving her sugar right now.  Not on my watch.  I have googled (LOVE google) recipes, I actually wanted to do a dry run of the cakes but…. I haven’t.  I have no idea what it will taste like.  I might make 2 cakes.  One WITH sugar and one WITHOUT.  Crap!  Frosting. I forgot about the frosting.  Sugarless frosting.  Man this is alot of work… I might just go out and buy a cake box, and frosting.  So much easier.

I tend to take on too much.  So knowing me, I will bake it from scratch.  I would normally buy a cake box, but lately, I think I’m super girl and try and do too much.  Babes gets mad at me for that.  Because in the end, I’m super tired and when I do too much, I get light headed.  Like, I will start early in the day and go non-stop, and barely eat… And then i get light headed and feel like throwing up and wonder why.

One month after I gave birth, it was her christening.  I woke up early, and then she was waking up every 2-3 hours to feed, so i wasn’t getting much sleep. And so I was cleaning, and cooking, and prepping finger foods, and doing all this while she was on me.  I had her in a sling (baby carrier) and of course, i started feeling sick.   SO my mom and babes gave me strict orders to go lay down.  Which I did, but I felt bad that I felt sick.  Ya, thats right.  I feel bad when I’m sick.  I’m weird.  But when I clean, i’m so used to doing it a certain way, that when someone else does it…. If its not my way, i sometimes re-clean it.  I don’t tell them of course.  I thank them and then when they aren’t looking I do it.  I need help, lol.

Fennel Essential Oil

Still watching my CP Sleeping

I think I have already written about how I breastfeed.  And I have a low supply, so I take all these herbs and vitamins to increase my supply.  Well there is also an Essential Oil that helps with BF’ing.  Fennel.  But OH MY GOD!  It stinks.  Well I find it stinks anyways.  Some people LOVE the smell. I think they’re crazy.  I just put some on, and holy sugar, yuck.  And you know when the smell goes in your mouth and you can taste it.  Well, ya, I can taste it.  Gross.  BUT it helps. So I will tough it out and suck it up.

It also helps with cravings.  If you have a sweet tooth.  They say you can put some on your food, but gawd, I can’t imagine putting that in my mouth.  I’m already gagging and I just rubbed some on my chest.    The things I do for my little devilish princess.