I’m still watching Blindspot.  I had a few recorded.

Yesterday, I went and did a hand pottery class.  It was soooo much fun.  I had so much fun that I am signing up for a session.  Yesterday we did it by hand, but the session will be with the wheel.  I have always wanted to do this.  Finally I am.  I can’t wait.  Class starts Saturday.  Well it started last Saturday but obviously I missed it. But I can make it up if I go an hour earlier on Saturday.  I so can’t wait.  I just hope that I haven’t hyped it up too much.  Stay tuned for updates




Storage Wars

I’m watching Blindspot.


When the series first started, I was so convinced that we could do that too.  I mean, all we had to do was to go to storage auctions.  One problem, where the heck are storage auctions?  There are maybe once a year here in Ottawa.   I searched and searched and couldn’t find any.  So when I finally found one, well by that time, babes had convinced me that we were not going to strike it rich doing that.  I was so disappointed.  I guess he was right.  Its pure luck, and well as stated in my previous post about contest.  I have no luck, wait, let me rephrase that, I have no GOOD luck.  Wait, no good luck in contests.   I shouldn’t say I have no good luck. I mean, I do have my CP. I totally lucked out there.

But it would be cool to buy some lockers and see if there any treasures.  Maybe one day…

Funny Bones

I’m watching Blindspot.

Why do they call it the funny bone?  Its by far funny.  The other day, I was running to get something and BAM, I hit my funny bone and laugh was the last thing on my mind.  OUCH.  Holy Hannah!  It took everything for me not to scream out A LOT of swear words.  Oh my gosh, it hurt so much.  And I must of hit it pretty hard cause it still hurts.  Its a little bruised too.  Again, soooo not funny.

Why You So Obsessed With Me


Ok, I love this song.  I LOVE Mariah Carey.

I’m watching Fixer Upper and my CP roaming around the place and playing.

As anyone who knows me, I am obsessed with my CP.  But if you could see how cute and adorable she is, you would too.  She is so stinkin’ pretty, funny, hyper, crazy, hyper, nosey, and hyper… Did I mention hyper.  Lol.  ALL OVER THE PLACE!!  ALL THE TIME!!!  I’m always chasing her around, and she is so funny.  When she knows that she isn’t supposed to be somewhere, she rushes and she laughs and looks back at me with that big smile.  We baby-proofed the house, gates where the stairs are so its not like she could hurt herself, its just Charlie has his bed and she always goes towards it. And we try to tell her, no, it’s Charlie bed, but she doesn’t care.  She goes there and lays right beside Charlie, its so cute.  And so far, he is really good with her.  I know, I know… He’s a dog.  That is why I am ALWAYS next to her when she goes towards him.  He just lets her do whatever.  And we keep praising him that he is a good boy, and we always pat him etc.  If I go to bed before babes, he is always with me, and he comes to bed with me.  He follows us around everywhere.  If CP is there, he is not far.

Oh ya back to my obsession with her.  I take tons of pictures of her. I obsess over her bum and how cute it is…  But isn’t it normal?   I mean she is my first and we tried forever to have a baby.  I don’t think I’m obsessed as people say I am.  And when I say people, I mean my mother and my cousin.  Shouldn’t everyone be in love with their child? I think I’m normal.


The Beach

I’m watching Limitless with babes.

As you might know (if you read the tab “About”) that I am from the Nova Scotia.  Right on the coast.  I was a 2 minute car ride from the beach.  Awwwww… The beach. The waves crashing.  The smell.  Gosh I LOVE the smell of the ocean.

My teenage years, I remember every summer, every day, I was at the beach.  If you wanted to find me, cause back then we didn’t have cell phones yet, I was at the beach.  And I was always at the second parking lot.  Its so nice…relaxing.  When I go back home, I always try and go to the beach.  If its nice of course.  If it’s winter time, then no.  WAY to cold to go there.  Well I could go and park and watch the ocean but its not the same thing.   Summer time is the best time obviously.  I love walking the beach and looking for sea glass.  LOVE sea glass.  I have a HUGE vase full of sea glass and sea shells.

I’m going back home in July, hopefully, and I can’t wait to go walking the beach with my CP.  I brought her there last sept, of course she was and still is too young to appreciate it.

There is a place that we often to walking to find sea glass, there used to be an old bottle factory, I think, and there are lots of glass there.  I also found there is a place in Digby that has a lot.  I’m soooo going there this summer.  Stay tunes for pics of all my treasures.


I’m still watching Blindspot.

I love music.  I always have it on.  Always dancing with my CP.  Always singing and dancing all over the place and my CP loves it.

I often think of my titles of my post and I want to use some lyrics but I’m afraid that no one would get them.  I would also like to have the song playing when you open the post.  Is it possible?  I guess I could always post a link to the song that I’m talking about in the title.  Something to think about I guess.

Hip Dysplasia

I’m watching Mom and listening to Charlie snore.

Hip dysplasia is something I didn’t think of much when I was pregnant.  My sister was born with dislocated hips and was  in a cast for 7-8 months.  My nephew (her son) was born with dislocated hips and his was in a harness for a few months.  So when I was pregnant I had told the doctors about it and they said they would check when she was born.  So when she was born they checked and they said it looked ok. But they would send me, well her, for a scan just to make sure.  She was born in May and out scan was at the end of Aug and then our follow up was at the end of September.  And that’s when they told us she had Hip Dysplasia.  But it was good that they caught it so young.   Sooo… They fitted her for a harness and since then we had to go to the hospital every so often for fit checks.

The harness which is called a Pavlik Harness are awesome, they grow with the baby, which is nice.  I bought 2, a spare one for when I wash one, because you have to wash them by hand and they have to be hung out to dry. And they take forever to dry.  A good 2 days.  So because she had to wear it 23 hours a day I needed the extra one.  Good thing for insurance.

So all in all, yes it was sad that she had to wear it, because no clothes fit her properly, but it was for her own good.  If they didn’t catch it now, 20-40 years it would of been too late and by then, she would of need a hip replacement.

I also bought a baby carrier that is hip dysplasia friendly.  The Ergo Baby.  It’s awesome.  I love it.  I use it all the time.  We have a class called Salsa Babies and i have her in the carrier.  Days where she only wants to be in my arms and I have things to do, I put her in the carrier.  I flew to Nova Scotia and I had her in the carrier.  It’s been a life saver.  Totally recommend a baby carrier.  And I recommend the ErgoBaby!!!


I’m watching Blindspot…

Contest…  I LOVE entering contests.  I enter them ALL the time.  One problem though…. I NEVER WIN.  What the heck!!!  Why???  You would think of all the contest I enter, I would win at least one.  But NO.

Last month I went to a baby show and I put my name in hundreds of contests and of course not one call back.  No, wait, that’s not true.  I got a call back to say I won a prize and then they went on about joining their group, it was a direct sales company.   So I could get the prize and she wanted me to make a party, and if I made a party, then I could get all kinds of free stuffs.  I’m sorry but I hate making parties because 1. I don’t know many people here so its always the same people that would come and I now they won’t buy anything and 2.I hate bugging people to buy things.

The only way I would make a party is an online party.  Those are getting quite popular.  You just create a party on facebook and invite a bunch of people and if they want to buy something …great, if not.. (sad face).

I’m actually thinking of doing an online party for my essential oils.  What’s the worst that can happen.  People won’t buy anything.  C’est la vie!

I totally went off subject here.

Back to contests….  I hate that there are some people who always win.  Who always get through to the radio contest.   For once, it would be nice to win something.  And that’s my rant on contests.

Housekeeping Please!

I’m still watching Storage Wars.

Housekeeping…UGGHH!  Hate it.  Why is it such hard work?  I have a dog and I vacuum everyday.  I pass the vacuum and 5 minutes later, what do I find… Freaking dog hair.  What the heck????  Like honestly.  He is a mix of Labrador and Great Dane, so he isn’t a heavy shedder.  I can’t imagine having a retriever.  I think they shed a lot right?

The washrooms…. OK yuck. Even if its just me who has used the washroom, it’s gross.  But then you have visitors and well yuck!

One thing I don’t mind doing is washing the floors.

Dusting… Hate it.

We used to have a lady that came to clean the house but she didn’t last very long  She had wrist and back problems, I think.

And I am home all day now (for another 3-4 months) so i should be able to do it right?  Well normally I would.  In the beginning, she didn’t sleep unless she was on me, and as I was rocking her, I would then go in my bed and try to lay down, but still elevated, and as soon as I would close my eyes… She would wake up.  So that didn’t work.

So finally when she would sleep in her crib, because she didn’t sleep well, up every 1-3 hours, well I would lay down and try to nap myself.

Now she is sleeping during the day, depending how much sleep i got the night before, if it was a bad night, then I would try and nap at the same time as she does.  If it was a good night, then, Yes I pick up her toys,  bathrooms etc.  But for the past month or 2 she has slept horribly, so i barely slept myself.  Its only the last 2 nights that she has actually slept.  Today, I finally got to pick up a little.  Babes gets home and what does he say?  Why is the house such a mess?  Hold me down! Hold me back, cause I am going to kick his freaking ass.  I looked at him… If looks could kill, well, he wouldn’t be “with” us at the moment.  The little bugger.

When the misses is up, she has to be monitored all the time.  She’s fast, so I can start to cleaning something and 5 seconds after, I am chasing after her.  She’s in the dogs bed… she is just everywhere and we did baby proof but I still have to watch her.  We also have a play area that’s gated but she hates being gated.  HATES IT, unless I am in there with her that is.

So when can I clean?   And he has the nerve to say that!!!  I would love to see him with the CP all day and see what he gets done.   He would be crying by 10 am. I know him.

He also gets into a cleaning mood.  (sorry have to vent for a minute, or 2) back to his cleaning moods.  All my stuff is garbage, its junk.  But his stuff… Oh his stuff is not junk, its good.  So ya, he wants to put all my stuff in the garbage, pisses me off.  I tell him to vacuum, instead of picking up stuff, but nope, he will start complaining and he calls me a hoarder.  Excuse me, but have you seen the show?  I am NOT a hoarder.  Argh!

Ok that’s enough complaining for tonight…. Night