Child birth…

I’m watching Swamp People.

My last day at work was May 14, and everyone told me that almost everyone will pass their due date with their first pregnancy.  My due date was May 28, and so I figured, the 14th,  being my last day at work, I would probably get a few weeks to rest and just do nothing.  My mom was flying in on the 20th, so I figured we would just hang out and shop (of course).  But on the night of the 21st, I started feeling weird.  Cramps.  So I told my mother, but didn’t tell babes, I figured it was probably just false labour, and I didn’t want to excite him for nothing.  I know him and I knew that he wouldn’t be able to sleep and he wouldn’t go to work the next day, he would be too worried to leave me.  And it could be nothing, I could go another week or two before anything happens.  But the cramps started getting closer and closer, so I thought, maybe I should shower…just in case.  As I was getting out of the shower, it happened.  My water broke, but it wasn’t like the movies, a big gush.  It was just a trickle down my leg.  OK, maybe we should go to the hospital and see what’s going on.

We got there and we were lucky, there was no one there.  They took me right away.  I was dilated , 1 cm.  They also did a test to see if my water did break (I don’t remember what test they did or why), and sure enough, yup, my water did break.  and because my water broke, I could either stay at the hospital or come back home.   We didn’t know if it was going to go fast or slow.  So we stayed…. and I walked up and down the corridor.  It ws a long night, and I wasn’t progressing.  Anyway, they induced me and I wanted to go as far as I could without pain meds.  HA!  That didn’t last too long.  First, I tried the gas.  Oh my gawd!  I hated it.  I hate not being in control of my body and the gas made me feel, well drunk.  Out of it.  Hated it.  So no, not for me.  I ended up having an epidural.  OUCH!  Holy hell. Getting it hurt, but once it was in.    Aaaawwwwwwwwww.   Fast forward a bit… push push push… she wasn’t coming out.  We ended up having to use the forceps.  That was scary.  They brought in a couple teams of doctors, in case something was to happen.  I think one team was for her brain, with the forceps, there was a chance that her brain could swell, and I don’t remember why the other team was there.  Luckily, we didn’t need them.

I had told the doctors that I wanted to help pull her out of me once her head and shoulders were out, and they let me.  I just grabbed her under her armpits and gently pulled her out of me.  VERY cool.  My nurse said she had never had someone ask for that.  So she is out now, I have her in my arms and I just want to hear her scream/cry out.   And then I hear it.  Best sound ever.  I have my beautiful baby in my arms, she is healthy and me and babes … and my mom are just balling.  Can’t stop crying.  Tears of joy, of course.

Our little girl was here, she weighed 6.2 pounds.  So you would think the hard part was over right?  I mean, I just pushed out a human out of my vagina.

Everything was going ok.  She lost a bit of weight so they kept us another night.  Good thing because in the middle of the night, I woke up to feed her and I felt like my eye was swelling, when the nurse came I told her, and she said it was nothing, well 4 hours later, the left side of my face was swollen.  Only the left side.  They gave me all kinds of meds, and nothing helped.  By noon, it was in my throat, I was having a hard time swallowing, the doctor came in and showed her.  She quickly got some epinephrine and thank god that help.

So what was supposed to be a 24-48 hours stay at the hospital ended up a 5 night stay.  But we were lucky.  We walked out of the hospital all healthy.

She is now 10 months, and she has got to be the cutest little girl EVER!  My gosh, she is so cute….  Everything about her makes me so happy.  The smile she gives me when she looks at me.  Her laugh, everything.

The love I have for her is like no other.  People will tell you, you don’t know love until you have children, and you think, ya ok, sure, whatever.   But, man … is that ever true.   150%.  Best feeling in the world.



Smarties McFlurry

Another thing that I am addicted to is McFlurries but not just any McFlurries, it has to be smarties.  no other kind please.  If you bring me a smarties McFlurry, then I know you must really like me and you are in my good books.  Or maybe you did something really bad and want to kiss me a$$, but whatever …. I will GLADLY except it, or them (plural – if you really messed up).

well friday i went to McD’s and i order my Big Mac combo and i had a coupon for 2 McFlurries for 5$ (woohoo)  and i order 2 smarties (of course) and what does she tell me????  They don’t make those anymore!!!  What?  hold up…. REWIND…. no more smarties McFlurries?  is this a joke?  cause i ain’t laughing.  So McD’s if you are reading this BRING BACK THE SMARTIES MCFLURRIES!!! I’m not asking you, this is an order.  please!!!  For the love of God.  Grant me this one wish.  Maybe I should start a petition…. Think alot of people would sign it? I mean they have had smarties there for as long as I can remember.  Get your act together McD’s.

I guess I am lucky, McFlurries is not a bad thing to be addicted to.  I’m not addicted to drugs or acohol or cigarettes.  Remember kids, Crack is WACK. and Hugs not drugs.

Pulled pork….

Let me tell you about my night. It was prett horrible, no sleep. Little miss CP decided that sleep was over rated and it just wasn’t for her last night. And so we were up all night. Ok ok ok. I’m exaggerating…. I got 2 hours sleep.  She was up and wanted to party and play and chat. And as much as I LOVE this little human, nigh time is for sleep my love. Mama needs her beauty rest. Big time. Or she will look like an extra for the walking dead and nobody wants that.  I think she thinks that I am the most awesome-est (it’s a word in my dictionary) person ever and just wants to spend as much time with me as possible.  Even if it means no sleep, sorry, not a lot of sleep, for us.

Ok, now onto what I wanted to chat about in the first place. So I get into phases, where I will get hooked onto something and have to eat it all the time. Like ALL THE TIME!  And now it’s pulled pork from Sobeys, it’s mega delicious. OMG yummmmmy.  And so yesterday while I was there I bought some and had some for lunch. There was some left so I thought. Woo hooo lunch tomorrow. So today I wake up thinking awesome!  Pulled pork for lunch, oh ya!  Gimme some of that. I go get the little misses and change her little cute bum and head down stairs. And what do I find on the stove?  The pulled pork package…. EMPTY.  Nothing.  Nada…. Zero… Zilch left in there. Darling hubs took the rest for work.

So I had very  very little sleep last night and wake up to find that my lunch is gone.  Great!  But I mean it could be worst and I know this. I have a roof over my head I have food in the cupboards. I probably shouldn’t complain about little things like this but. It’s my journal/ blog or whatever this and I’m complain about pulled pork if I want to.

another day….

March 23, 2016 – 8:42 a.m.

Today’s my dad’s birthday, Bonne Fete Dad!!!

I’m watching NCIS while typing today.

Can we talk (or type) about hashtags???  #, what the heck are they?  I don’t really understand them.  What are they supposed to do?  Am i the only one that doesn’t understand them?  I think they have something to do with twitter, and i don’t do twitter, so maybe thats why i don’t understand them.

And big brother …. I used to watch that show, and then they started big brother canada… And well as you know i am from canada…love canada. But big bro canada???  I’m sorry but when i watch it or see previews of it, i am embarrassed by it.  I really feel like they are trying to hard, and remember this is my opinion, and i have the right to my own opinion, sorry if i offend you.  But really!!!!  Just cancel the darn show, the canadian version.  Not the american one, that one, i like.

Iphones… I currently have an Iphone 6S, just got it last week.  Before this one, i had the 5S.  And before that i had an HTC, and blackberry.  I love my phone and all but to be honest, i don’t know half of what it can do, no thats a like, i might know like 20% of what it can do.

So i did my income tax the other day, and i owe alot…. Its insane.  If you live in Canada and are playing on going on mat leave, i’m telling you now, ask that they take out more tax on your EI (Employment Insurance).  Or you will get screwed in the end.  Holy crap, my jaw dropped when i saw how much i owe.  There goes my shopping for a while 😦


8:15 p.m.

Watching the Real Housewives of BH…  It must be nice… To have tons of money.  They’re in Dubai… i wanna go to Dubai now.  They are staying in a 40k a night hotel room!!!  like honestly??!!!  really?  think of all the mouths you could feed with that money.  Kids you could clothe.    The suites they are staying in are, well ridiculous.

Before i forget… Can i do a shout out to my cousin Tammy??  Tammy you are awesome and you rock.  What would i do without you???   You are one of my favorite cousins…. I have like 30-40 (or more) favorite cousins.  Love you all!!

Now i have Vanderpump Rules on, its the reunion.  Lala!!!  What the heck is with the make-up?  OMG!  Fire whoever did that to you. RIGHT AWAY… Yikes!!!  James… What can i say about him? Go away!  You annoying asshole.  He thinks he is all that, well he is if “that” means shit.  Sorry for the language.

and it begins….

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a device that you could some how attach to yourself, back of your ear, i don’t know and you could think or talk and it would type it for you?  Because i have wanted to start writing this for a while now and i have started this journal, or whatever this is, i don’t know how many times in my head.  So anyway.. Here goes.

March 22, 2016

8:03 PM

I’m telling you now, i am not a writer.  There will be tons of mistakes in my writing.  If you feel you have to comment or if you want to give me feedback, please do so.  But please remember, be nice.

I just want a place where i can write what I’m thinking, how i feel, and my thoughts/opinion on things, or people.   A place to vent about my day, or my husband etc.  Everyone has a right of their own opinion right?  I respect yours, please respect mine.

My name is Nicolle, no that is not a typo, my name is spelled with 2 L’s.  I live in Ottawa, with my fiancé Babes (but I call him my husband) and my beautiful 10 month daughter.  Me and babes have been together for 11 and a half years.  Good times and bad times.   There isn’t much to say about me.  I don’t lead an exciting life….well if you count changing diapers.  I’m currently on maternity leave for another 2 months. I’m hoping we win the lotto, so i don’t have to go back to work.  Then i could stay with my cutie pie, play all day and takes naps…ahhh the life.

I like watching TV, actually, no, i LOVE watching TV.  I am addicted to sooooo many shows.  If there was ever an apocalypse, dear lord help me, i don’t know what i would do without my TV.  Here are a list of shows that i’m watching…

  • Blindspot
  • Quantico
  • The walking dead
  • Supernatural (i’m on season 6, please don’t spoil anything for me)
  • NCIS (all of them)
  • The real housewives of BH, OC
  • 2 broke girls
  • New girl
  • Arrow
  • Criminal minds (both)
  • The 100
  • Grey’s anatomy
  • Grimm
  • I love Kelly Pickler
  • Swamp people
  • Limitless
  • Vanderpump rules (LOVE)
  • Vikings
  • Game of thrones
  • Alaskan bush people
  • And there are more…  See i told you, i’m an addict.

I wish there were more hours in a day, so i could watch more TV.


I also spend too much, on anything and everything.  Don’t tell Babes that i am admitting this.   He is constantly bitching that i buy too much junk. But to me, its not junk,  obviously.

I don’t really go out much either.  On Tuesdays me and CP (cutie pie) go to yoga, on Fridays we have a salsa class and on Sundays we go to swimming.  And in between, i don’t do much.  If its nice, i try and go for walks.  I’m still struggling to get back to my pre-baby weight.    I gained 46lbs while pregnant, and CP only weighed 6.2 pounds.  While I was in the hospital, i did lose 35 lbs.  And i thought, ya!  I’m going to loose this weight no problem.  Because i had planned on breastfeeding (bf) and everyone says, “oh you’ll loose the weight if you bf”  but man where they wrong.  I’m constantly eating.  And patience is something i need to work on.  I have never had to diet or watch what i eat, so this…well… sucks.  And winter didn’t help.  Its way too cold to do anything.  So i didn’t do much.   So glad that summer is coming, i will be able to get out and exercise.

Hmmmmm, what else about me can i tell you.  I’m 39, i have a dog.  He’s 7 and has got to be the cutest dog ever.  He is a labradane (sp?) half lab – half great dane.  He weights 125 lbs.  If you come knocking on our door, you would probably shit your pants.  His bark is scary as heck.  He is a good dog, he’s protective of us, which isn’t a bad thing. His name is Charlie,  I call him my big black beast.  I also call him Charlie bear or Charlie brown.  Love him to pieces.

I dont know if i will be writing everyday.  I hope so, but well i have my addiction to feed, my TV.  And right now, i should be in bed.  I’m super tired.  CP isn’t sleeping much lately, so if she isn’t sleeping much, that means, i am NOT sleeping at all.  But i have my shows to watch… And i have this to write.  I still don’t know what i am calling this.  A journal?  Its not really a blog right?

Oh another thing i am addicted to is products, hair products.  Deep conditioners, masks… Leave in treatments, hot oil treatments.  Love them all.  I guess you could call me a sucker.  I buy into all that.  This will make your hair looks like…. Blah blah blah… And i’m like OH i NEED this.

I’m almost an open book, lol.  I do beleive there are things you shouldn’t talk about, but that doesn’t mean i don’t like reading anyone else’s dirty laundry.  Love gossip.  Now i am not saying that i beleive it all, i just love reading it.  Especially celebrity gossip…. Who’s sleeping with who etc.  LOVE IT!!!

I’ve starting an interest in photography, i even took a class, well i took 2.  but i haven’t really photographed anything yet.  Not even CP or charlie.

So you know how i told you that i love to shop?  Well i’m the type of person that i will do a project and i will need something, and so i will go and buy it.  I will only use it once and i know i will only use it once but i will still go out and buy it.  I could easily borrow it from someone, but no… Addicted to buying things.  Oh the worst was when CP wasn’t sleeping thru the night, i would get up 4, 5, 6 times a night with her and there isn’t anything to do right?  Except shop online.   I should really get help for that.  Poor babes.

At times i can have blond moments.  I’ll say something or ask something and as soon as it comes out, i’m like can i take that back please?  For example, me and babes were watching the Martian, and half way into the movie, i asked if it was based on a true story.  2 seconds after i was like oh god, no, i take that back.  But it was too late.  Another time, i asked if they made a Titanic 2 (movie).  Those are just a couple of examples, there are many…many more.

I’m not computer savvy.  I had to ask my cousin to build me this site.  I had no idea where to start, where to go, what to do.  ZERO knowledge.  Now that doesn’t mean i’m technology challenged.  Its just the web design and stuff like that, that i don’t understand. I have tried and it just doesn’t get through to me.